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Hello Stayfit Family my name is Jason. I am the Creator of Team StayFit. 

I was always the small kid growing up and had the hardest time putting on weight. I graduated at 120 lbs 5' 8". I made the decision and started working out after high school and never looked back! 

Follow your Passion don't let anyone drag you down. Surround yourself with positive life affirming people and you can't fail.

We are all about Fun Food Fitness remember the reward is worth so much more when you put in the work.

Height: 5'10" Current Weight: 183.5 Lbs

Started at 210 Lbs on February 1st 2017 that is the biggest i have ever been. Decide to make a change in diet and worked my butt off for a 3 month summer shredding challenge. Ended at 173lbs. One of the biggest accomplishments in my life. Stay Dedicated my friends!

Fun Food and Fitness

Lets get better together! 

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Not just a brand, we are a way of life that wants you as individuals to be "fit" in every aspect. Feeling better , looking better , and being happier. Be your own hero. StayFit Warriors work harder than the people next to us. 

**NewYear NewYou**

Start: January 1st 2018

Starting Jan 1st we are going to change our lives together! We all gain that extra weight during the Holidays, and together we are going to get rid of it and more! We will be taking our Before pictures and 1st weigh in's today.

Team StayFit Presents NEW YEAR NEW YOU

Meal Advise 

Workout Advise 

Weigh ins 

We are going to StayFit Together

The Plan

1. Two muscle groups per Day.

2. Weigh ins every two weeks.

3. Macro count. Each month will reduce.

4. Cardio every day for at least 15-30min.

5. I will post each day the Sets, reps, and the exercises i did.

6. Each week a video of my fav exercises.

7. Form and Function , not heavy weights and straining. 

8. Choose your own rest day

End: April 1st 2018

We will be doing our final weigh ins and taking our after pictures today. Click any of the Links below for daily workout updates. Feel free to email me at the bottom of this page or DM me on my Instagram if you have any questions at all. I have faith in all you StayFit athletes out there! We can do it! 


NewYear NewYou Program

Week 1 Workouts

NewYear NewYou Program

Week 2 Workouts 

NewYear NewYou Program

Week 3 Workouts 

NewYear NewYou

Week 4 Workouts 

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Online Training or Tips

Drop me a line!

If you have any Diet, Exercise, Gym, Life or just want to say hi feel free to drop me a line here!

Love to hear success stories or share fitness tips.

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